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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 5:12pm

Author: bfplayer

Request a permission

Hello OPK team. I am making SuperDC2 mod for battlefield 1942 , using superDC mod as basic. The idea is to make something like REAL WAR mod (in bf2 ) for battlefield 1942 I wan to add some maps and Vehicles to super dc from this mods: -WW3RA( russian assault, BFV) t95 blackeagle, smerch .... -Nightfighters(BF1942) B2 bomber .... -action bf(bf1942) atom bomb effect..... -SILENT HEROES(bf1942) some EU tanks, tiger ... -FB42 (bf1942) some Vehicles for russian and chechen side -opk(BFV) german Vehic...